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More than half a century of seeking cooperation with industry in oral health and dental education!

The record-breaking success of the 10th Congress held in Singapore in 1981, lead to the Asia Pacific Dental Congress becoming a major dental event in the Asia Pacific Dental calendar.



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About APDF and APDC

(Asia Pacific Dental Federation and Asia Pacific Dental Congresses)

Asia Pacific Dental Federation was officially formed on October 13,1955 in Japan, initially with 8 countries’ dentists and some US Forces dentists as observers. In 1967, FDI (Federation Dentaire Internationale/ World Dental Federation) recognized APDF as its regional organization for the Asia Pacific region. (There are 5 regional organizations worldwide).

APDF has now grown to a membership of 27 countries, actively working towards its organizational goals of increasing public awareness in oral and dental health and increasing the level of prevention and treatment of oral diseases in this part of the globe. Day by day operation of the Federation is handled by the Secretary – General and his staff in Singapore.

Asia Pacific Dental Congresses are the official congresses of APDF held in member countries at regular intervals. During the early years of its inception, APD Congresses were held every 3 to 4 years and as activities in the region were on the rise in the early eighties, these congresses were then held annually.

Today, APD Congresses are major events in the dental calendar of the Asia Pacific region and worldwide. It has the following salient features:

  1. Scientific Programme
  2. A dental trade exhibition
  3. Official meetings of the Federation
  4. Meeting of its educational component, the International College of Continuing Dental Education (ICCDE) and,
  5. At regular intervals the election of office bearers as governed by its Constitution


On October 13, 1955, a small organization with ambitious ideas held its inaugural session in Tokyo, Japan, attended by 32 delegates from Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaya (made up of dentists from Singapore and Malaysia), Thailand, South Vietnam, Hong Kong and the Republic of China. These 8 country representatives decided to form the Asia Dental Congress (the forerunner of the Asia Pacific Dental Federation) and the meeting in Tokyo became the first Congress. Owing to the vision of these 32 founding dentists, the organization grew steadily.